Pocket Skirt | Rose Reflection in Pink ~ Sz 0 – Nurture the Nest
Pocket Skirt | Rose Reflection in Pink ~ Sz 0
Pocket Skirt | Rose Reflection in Pink ~ Sz 0
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Pocket Skirt | Rose Reflection in Pink ~ Sz 0


    Holly Holderman, under her brand Pam Kitty, is a luminary in the world of textile design, famed for her charming and cheerful patterns that capture the essence of vintage nostalgia and playful whimsy. Her work is distinguished by its bright palette, engaging motifs, and a delightful sense of fun that resonates with a broad audience. Holderman's ability to blend classic elements with a fresh, contemporary twist has made the Pam Kitty collections a beloved choice for quilters and crafters seeking to add a burst of joy and colour to their creations. The distinctive character of her designs, often featuring florals, cute animals, and heartwarming patterns, showcases her talent for creating textiles that spark creativity and bring warmth to any project. Holly Holderman's Pam Kitty brand stands as a beacon of creativity, inspiring a community of makers with fabrics that tell stories of happiness, love, and playful spirit.

    In the meadows where dreams take flight,
    Our Pocket Skirt, a pure delight.
    With a flat front that's simply chic,
    And elastic back for comfort's mystique.

    Dainty lace graces pockets with grace,
    A charming touch in this enchanted place.
    Designed for days of play and twirls,
    For every little Nester, this skirt unfurls.

    Available in sizes, 1 through 14
    It's a timeless piece, oh, isn't it great?
    Handmade with love, in Australia's embrace,
    Exclusive to Nurture the Nest, a special place.

    Let your little one's imagination soar,
    In this Pocket Skirt, they'll want to explore.
    For adventures big and moments small,
    This skirt delights, one and all. 🌿👗