Nester of the Month – Nurture the Nest

Mairead - Nester of the Month

• M A I R E A D • I N • A U T U M N • R O S E •

A delicate rose silently bloomed,
One morning in the month of August.
To greet an ever restless sun,
Despite the chilly forecast

Mairead’s first ever awakening
Was a wild and thunderous birth
What a fiery and powerful young lady
Amy & Vinny had literally unearthed

With Auburn locks and cherub cheeks
She stole everyone’s heart in an instant
And from that very day, an abundance of love
Was all that Mairead ever witnessed

She’s just like a beautiful painting
A kaleidoscope of colours it seems
And each tiny varying brushstroke
Casts light far and wide- like moon beams

Over delicate rows of cornflowers
Her medley sparkles and delights
Those copper and gold tipped roses
Glow even brighter at night!

As a new dawn breaks through white clouds
A technicolor, contrasting delight
I’m reminded of why I love Sundays
I love them with all of my might!

Autumn has been your awakening,
While the world prepared for winter's sleep. Summer slipped away so quickly
Still your colours of coral run deep.

What adventure awaits in our Autumn Rose
A pearl in the garden of life
Her grace, akin to Human's best
From her deep roots it’s been derived.

Like nothing you’ve once before witnessed
She’s as unique as the sun is itself
The Mairead Autumn Rose mystery
Will quickly fly off of the shelves!


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