Nester of the Month – Nurture the Nest

Clara Grace - Nester of the Month

Big brown eyes that sparkle, the curliest, shiniest hair, to say that her smile is forgettable.. would simply be quite so unfair! She truly is so captivating, her aura just lights up the screen, she is fire, she is magic, she is beauty- November’s NOTM - is as happy as can be!
This mama daughter duo have been a part of our Nest for a couple of years now, they have raised the smiles and vibrations of many members with their lovely pictures!
This mama is a fantastic artist, with a keen eye for detail! But for us, it is, and has always been - about so much more than just the photos. This mama is a great candidate for this collaboration opportunity and being kind and welcoming comes naturally to her.
We are very excited for this opportunity to have finally met your shores- the sun is shining down on you, enjoy ride the waves beautiful girls! 💖
Congratulations to our NEW NOTM..
K E E L Y & C L A R A
Meet the girls below..
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