Mystery Items & Lucky Dips – Nurture the Nest
Do you remember that feeling of joy waking up on your birthday, or at Christmas to a bundle of surprises wrapped up just waiting for you to open them? You sit there excitedly wondering what could it be? You give it a squeeze then give it a shake! .. at Nurture the Nest we believe that feeling of wonder, excitement and suspense should never disappear.. and that’s why our Mystery Items are one of the most adored features of our brand!
When you choose a mystery item from our store, you will receive one stunning gift wrapped item hand picked by the stores owner, Valosh. The items chosen are always excellent value, and designed with careful consideration about what we think would be adored the most by your little Nester!
A riddle goes live in our Facebook VIP Group each week and gives clues on what the mystery item might be! Decoding the mystery and guessing what the mystery item that week is, has become something of a sport with our VIP members!
To allow everyone the opportunity to have that element of surprise, We ask that you keep your item(s) a secret until 7 days after release on Wednesday which we refer to as our “Reveal Day””
Fancy more than just one surprise? Then our Lucky Dips are perfect for you! We often release “Lucky Dip” packs which sometimes include 1-4 items of the same style but different fabrics (this is the surprise part) sometimes it’s a mix of styles- each lucky dip pack is different and at the time of release, we will sometimes let you know what’s inside!! If you dare, take the gamble! These lucky dip packs are always high value, and the surprises inside will not disappoint!

Mystery Items & Lucky Dips

Charlotte Emma Dress | Bella in Navy


Long Sleeve Riverside Dress | Evelyn Grace


Garden Party Dress | Savannah Anne


Headband | Olivia Rose in Blush


Charlotte Emma Dress | Olivia Rose in Blush


Charlotte Emma Dress | Bella in Apricot


Pocket Pinafore | Sophie


Harem Pants - Bianca in Royal Blue


Mummy & Me | Ladies Dress - Talitha in Pink


Bucket Hat - Bella in Mint


Mummy & Me - Daughter’s Riverside Dress - Willa in Musk


Fairy Wings - Bella in Navy


Vintage Shorts - Nicki in Pink


Miniland Doll Tea Party Dress - Lulu Blue


Vintage Shorts - Georgia in Sage


Head Wrap - June in Pink