Gift Cards FAQ – Nurture the Nest

'Nurture the Nest' Gift Card

These gift cards can be redeemed and used as payment at any time within 12 months of purchase.

How does it work?

To order a gift card, click here to open the 'Gift Card' product and select from the 5 value choices, $25, $50, $75, $100 or $250, and add it to cart.

When going through checkout an automated email and SMS are sent to the purchaser with a unique code.  The purchaser can forward the gift card code to their chosen recipient via email or SMS.  Note, the system sends the card details to the purchaser.  The 'giving' is done by them.

There is also the option to print out the gift card and gift it, perhaps in an envelope with a greeting card.

How do you redeem a gift card?

Shop and checkout as usual, in the final page of the checkout there will be a link for 'Add a Discount Code or a Gift Card'. Click that text, and type or paste the gift card code into the box and press 'Apply'.

What if the gift card is for $50 and the cart total is $59?

In this case the process would take $50 off the order total from the gift card balance, and the recipient would need to pay the remaining $9 to complete checkout.

What if the whole value of the gift card is not spent?

If there is $50 on the gift card and the cart is $30 at checkout, then the last $20 value is saved in the system and available to spend later.

To spend the remaining value, the recipient would just enter the code again the next time they go through checkout, and the system would take the remaining value on the card from that order total.

It is all automated, the recipient just needs to enter the gift card code each time at checkout until the value of the card is down to $0.

Where can I find the remaining balance of my gift card?

The remaining balance is shown by clicking the button 'View Gift Card' in the initial email. Each time the link is opened the value is recalculated. There is also an option on that initial email that allows the card to be stored in Apple Wallet, from where the balance can be viewed.

Gift cards can be redeemed and used as payment at any time within 12 months of purchase.

I can't find my gift card's balance?

If you can't find your balance, please contact us;