Sunday Dress | Mairead in Jade – Nurture the Nest
Sunday Dress | Mairead in Jade
Sunday Dress | Mairead in Jade
Sunday Dress | Mairead in Jade
Sunday Dress | Mairead in Jade
Sunday Dress | Mairead in Jade
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Sunday Dress | Mairead in Jade

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    • M A I R E A D • I N • J A D E •

    In the enchanting world of Nestington, a new blossom has graced our gardens—Mairead in Jade. This delicate dress, reminiscent of a precious gem, awakens with the first light of morning, sparkling with the hues of a serene forest.

    Mairead’s debut was nothing short of magical, a wild and wondrous birth that brought joy and awe to all who witnessed it. With auburn locks and cherub cheeks, she captured hearts instantly, and from that moment, her life has been a tapestry of love and enchantment.

    Like a beautiful painting, Mairead in Jade is a kaleidoscope of colours, each brushstroke casting light far and wide, like moonbeams over delicate rows of cornflowers. Her medley sparkles and delights, the shades of jade and emerald glowing even brighter under the sun’s gentle embrace.

    As dawn breaks through the white clouds, Mairead in Jade reveals a technicolour wonder, a contrasting delight that makes every day feel like a fairytale. Sundays in Nestington are filled with her magic, and the garden comes alive with her presence.

    Summer may have slipped away, but Mairead in Jade brings a fresh awakening, her colours deep and vibrant, preparing the world for new adventures. A pearl in the garden of life, her grace and charm are unparalleled, derived from the deep roots of Nestington's finest traditions.

    Discover the magic of Mairead in Jade, a unique and captivating piece that will fly off the shelves, bringing a touch of fairytale wonder to your nesters' wardrobe.

    Handmade with love, exclusively for Nurture the Nest.

    Mairead Sunday Dress Measurements in Cms


    Sz 1: W 28 x L 52

    Sz 2: W 29 x L 56

    Sz 3: W 30 x L 60

    Sz 4: W 31 x L 64

    Sz 5: W 32 x L 68

    Sz 6: W 33 x L 72

    Sz 7: W 34 x L 76

    Sz 8: W 35 x L 80