Charlotte Emma Dress | Bella in Navy – Nurture the Nest
Charlotte Emma Dress | Bella in Navy
Charlotte Emma Dress | Bella in Navy
Charlotte Emma Dress | Bella in Navy
Charlotte Emma Dress | Bella in Navy
Charlotte Emma Dress | Bella in Navy
Charlotte Emma Dress | Bella in Navy
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Charlotte Emma Dress | Bella in Navy


     In the serene village of Nestington, nestled between the gentle embrace of the river and the azure expanse of the sea, excitement buzzed in the air as villagers gathered to uncover the secret of last week's Sneaky Friday.

    With eager anticipation, Valosh stepped forward to reveal the long-awaited mystery.

    "My dear Nesters," she began, her voice carrying the anticipation of discovery, "today, we unveil the enchanting fabric that graced our beloved Charlotte Emma dress."

    As the villagers leaned in with bated breath, Valosh paused for a moment, relishing the moment before unveiling the truth.

    "Bella in Navy," she declared, her words resonating with clarity. "A captivating fabric adorned with delicate pinky white roses on a deep navy canvas, exuding timeless elegance and grace."

    Gasps of delight filled the seaside air as villagers marveled at the beauty of Bella in Navy, its allure casting a spell of enchantment over all who beheld its splendour.

    Just then, a majestic figure emerged from the shadows, drawing the attention of the gathered crowd. It was Sir Winter Marmalade, Valosh's beloved companion and guardian, a big, majestic white cat with blue eyes that sparkled with wisdom and grace.

    With regal poise, Sir Winter Marmalade approached the Charlotte Emma dress, his keen gaze appraising the fabric with a discerning eye. Then, with a dignified nod of approval, he bestowed his seal of approval upon the enchanting creation, his silent endorsement adding an extra touch of magic to the moment.

    In Nestington, where animals were cherished as cherished members of the community, Sir Winter Marmalade's approval was held in the highest esteem, a testament to the enduring bond between humans and animals in this magical village by the sea.

    As villagers made their way to the website, eager to secure their own piece of the enchanting fabric, Valosh smiled, knowing that in Nestington, where beauty and creativity flourished, the allure of Bella in Navy would continue to captivate and inspire, weaving its own tale of magic and wonder for generations to come.

    Handmade in Australia ~ Exclusively for Nurture the Nest.